Automatic Release Hook 


 .As you know, Embarkation Ladder, Pilot Ladder and module B and module D are required to be certified. (ref. Directive MED equipmet list.
Lamplighter Marine pilot in Turkey and one certified manufacturer of cross grappling. Module D products certified, "steering mark (WEELMARK) is required.
Information on the manufacturer of the Cross steps, taken from the certificate provider logo or the name of the class, ISO and SOLAS mark, serial number, date of manufacture must be present.
Here they are to be considered under the cross step must be written with indelible stamp.
Written in English is a complex market, "ISO and complies with the requirements of SOLAS," he held manufacturer's certificate. The validity of these certificates is not no Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs and Port Authority of any criminal proceedings can not apply in this regard. (Not a crime to produce certified)
As a result, due to the outside of the ship of state ladders vessels connecting the ports are at risk of inappropriate controls. One by one in order to avoid this, definitely check and received products from the manufacturer at her to confirm the serial numbers of certificates and the product will be much more accurate. In addition to the legal basis in addition to their Certificate of Conformity "Document of Compliance" must be requested.

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